We work with top brands to launch co-branded entrepreneurship, gig economy and side hustle programs for their community

Who is this Partnership for?


Launching joint entrepreneurship and gig-economy programs, to prepare students for the new wave of entrepreneurship

For co-working spaces, competitions, university innovation ecosystems, women entrepreneur networks to jointly launch platform for their members.

For creators, community builders and individuals with a reasonable following of aspiring entrepreneurs to promote our offerings on a revenue sharing basis to their members

Our existing Partnerships with Top Brands

Benefits of partnering with Launchpilot

Client Case Study

Joint Innovation Strategy Course offered as part of Masters in Innovation and Strategy program. Idea to MVP accelerator was implemented for 50 students in the cohort.

  • Facilitate students in exploring their entrepreneurial potential by guiding them through the process of launching and generating sales for their own businesses.
  • Develop a curriculum tailored to meet the demands and trends of various industries, ensuring that students are equipped with relevant skills and knowledge.
  • Cultivate an environment that fosters active participation and enthusiasm among students, thereby enhancing their engagement and overall learning experience.
  • Semester long Idea to MVP accelerator led by founder and investor mentors
  • MVP building support through our partner network
  • Team mentoring sessions on zoom
  • 8 out of 9 teams launched their MVPs successfully, with 2 out of 9 achieving sales within a month.
  • One of the teams reached the semi-finalists of the prestigious China-ASEAN Entrepreneurship competition​
  • Program Net promoter score > 60