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Get started in 3 easy steps!

#STEP 1:
Book Your Onboarding Call

Meet our team who will guide you through to claim your membership benefits and answer any questions you might have.

#STEP 2:
Join Our Exclusive Whatsapp Community

Be part of our Whatsapp community to get regular updates of the events and network with our community members.

#STEP 3:
Claim Your Launchpilot Platform Access

During the onboarding call, we will share you access to your account on Launchpilot web app to claim all your benefits.

Thank You [wfty_customer_first_name]! & Congratulations

Get started in 3 easy steps!

Step #1

Account Creation

Upon successful payment, your Launchpilot account will be generated, granting you access to your profile.

Step #2

Join Live Session Groups

Navigate to the "Live Sessions" tab and join the live groups for the Workshop and Community Jam sessions.

Step #3

Participate in Sessions

All scheduled Zoom sessions will be displayed in the community, where you can join using the link or access recordings.

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